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                 Annual / Interim Financial Reports   
                 Corporate Information   
                 Board of Directors and Senior Management   
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              The Board currently has three committees, namely the Audit Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Nomination Committee. All the committees are empowered by the Board under their own terms of reference which have been posted on the websites of the HKEXnews and the Company and are available for inspection by the shareholders of the Company upon request made to the Company Secretary.

              Audit Committee

              Mar, Selwyn (Chairman)
              Li Sau Hung, Eddy, GBS, JP
              Lo Kwok Kwei, David
              Terms of reference

              Remuneration Committee

              Lo Kwok Kwei, David (Chairman)
              Kee Chor Lin
              Li Sau Hung, Eddy, GBS, JP
              Terms of reference

              Nomination Committee

              Li Sau Hung, Eddy, GBS, JP (Chairman)
              Kee Chor Lin
              Chan Yu Ching, Eugene
              Lo Kwok Kwei, David
              Mar, Selwyn
              Terms of reference


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